MDS-8R Radar Sensor with Nobeltec TimeZero Trident Navigation Software

SI-TEX MDS-8R Radar Sensor and Nobeltec TimeZero Trident Software

It All Adds Up

Take Nobeltec TimeZero Trident navigation software, then add one SI-TEX MDS-8R Radar Sensor. What do you get? A powerful, reliable and fully integrated PC radar solution


ideal for a wide range of boats, from power cruisers and pleasure boats to fishing vessels and racing yachts.


SI-TEX’s MDS-8R connects directly to your computer via Ethernet, for simple installation and reliable performance. There is no need for a dedicated Multifunction Display


(MFD) just hook the MDS-8R to your onboard PC and navigate. Your computer acts as the radar display and provides full control of all radar functions.

Superior Performance, Lower Cost


This integrated system surpasses conventional radar!