MDS-9 Radar Sensor

The new SI-TEX MDS Radar Sensor Series connect to your SI-TEX ColorMax Wide,  ColorMax Sea Link, ColorMax Pro, ColorMax 15, Explorer Plus, or Trawl Plot 12SD Charting Systems to add affordable full-featured Radar capabilities.   Also works with Standard Horizon Charting Systems -- models CP180, CP180i, CP300, CP300i, CPV350, CP500 and CPV550. The MDS Radar Sensors are available in various models,choose from the:  


  • MDS-1 -2kW, 12.4" Radome, ranges from 1/8 to 24NM, a 7 ° Horizontal Beam Width
  • MDS-8 -2kW, 20" Radome, ranges from 1/8 to 24NM, a 4.7 ° Horizontal Beam Width
  • MDS-9 —4kW, 23.5" Radome, ranges from 1/8 to 36NM, a 4° Horizontal Beam Width.
  • MDS-10-4 —4kW, 4' Open Array, ranges from 1/8 to 48NM, a 2.4° Horizontal Beam Width.
  • MDS-10-5 —4kW, 5' Open Array, ranges from 1/8 to 48NM, 1.7° Horizontal Beam Width.
  • Display your raw radar image or overlay the radar image on the new C-MAP MAX or NT+ charts for a complete overview of vessel traffic, weather and fixed target data.
  • Adjustable VRM and EBL function provides precise range and bearing information to any target displayed.
  • Target intensity is shown in color shades to assist the operator in differentiating between large and small vessels and weather severity.
  • Other features include interference rejection caused by other radars operating nearby, FTC to reduce Rain Clutter and STC to pick out targets hidden by high seas and spray.