CVS 1410B

  • Koden Broadband Flex-Frequency Capability - Allows fishermen to adjust both high- and low-frequency settings across the entire range, improving strength and clarity of returns while eliminating interference from nearby vessels
  • Airmar Broadband/CHIRP Transducer Compatible - Allows frequency selection in 0.1kHz steps between 38kHz-75kHz (Low/Medium Range Transducer) or 42kHz-65kHz and 130kHz-210kHz (Low/High Range Transducer)
  • 1kW Output Power - Powerful performance for professional-grade fishfinding
  • Koden Digital Filtering™ - Eliminates clutter, filters out noise for a clearer, more detailed image, enhanced fish targets at all depths, improved differentiation between baitfish, target fish, schools of fish and the sea floor
  • Exclusive Sona-Tone™ - Alerts operator using different sounds when fish targets or schools of fish are detected
  • Easy Operation - Easy access to all system functions with backlit keypad, programmable function keys, comprehensive menus and dedicated rotary knobs for HF and LF gain
  • Store Image - Stores up to 10 screen images in built-in memory for later recall
  • Fishing Hot Spot - Leads you back to productive fishing spots with input from optional GPS sensor
  • Sunlight Viewable - Brilliant, large 10.4” vertically oriented LCD display with anti-reflective coating
  • Auto Function - Easy to use with auto settings
Main functions - Store image, Fishing Hot Spot, Sona-Tone, Zoom etc. Auto, A-Scope, Background colors, nine language options
Depth Ranges Maximum 6,000 feet
Output Power 1kW
Dual Output Frequency Adjustable between 38 - 75kHz, 42 - 65kHz /130kHz – 210kHz
Dimensions 320(H) X 364(W) X 174.5(D) mm
Weight 7.5 kg
Power Supply 10.8-31.2 VDC