• Koden Broadband Flex-Frequency Capability - True broadband lets the CVS-FX1 transmit on variable frequencies from 24kHz to 240kHz in 0.1kHz steps, fine-tuning performance and eliminating interference from other vessels. Capable of transmitting on four frequencies simultaneously
  • Two Versions For Different Commercial Applications - Model TDM-052 provides a low-frequency range of 38kHz to 75 kHz and a high-frequency range of 130kHz to 210kHz. Model TDM-062 provides a low-frequency range of 38kHz to 75kHz and a high-frequency range from 85kHz to 135kHz
  • 3kW Output Power - Powerful transmitter delivers professional-grade fishfinding and depth ranges to 8,000 feet
  • Variable Beam Angle Capabilities - Pairing with an Airmar Broadband Transducer, the CVS-FX1 provides variable beam angle capabilities, as well
  • Koden Digital Signal Processing - Eliminates clutter, filters out noise for a clearer, more detailed image, enhanced fish targets at all depths, improved differentiation between baitfish, target fish, schools of fish and the sea floor
  • Large Format Display - A large 12.1" XGA color LCD displays targets and bottom detail clearly
  • Condition Memory - Lets the user recall each setting simply by pushing the CM key
  • Store Image - Stores up to 500 screen images in built-in memory for later recall