• Uses digital signal processing
    Koden’s advanced digital signal processing technology provides both higher resolution in shallow areas and high gain in deep areas.
  • Store the Image
    You can store up to 10 images. Connecting the optional GPS sensor also allows you to display the position on the stored image.
  • Sona-Tone
    This function uses sound to notify users when fish or the school is located.
  • Automatic functions make operation simple
    Equipped with a full range of automatic functions. (GAIN, RANGE, SHIFT).
  • High-performance 5.7-inch LCD provides good visibility. The CVS-126 is also highly water resistant.
    High visibility and drip-proof performance (IPX5) mean the CVS-126 can be installed in an open bridge.
  • Energy-efficient design
    This is an energy-efficient model that achieves low power consumption using a white LED.


Main functions

Store image, Fishing Hot Spot, Sona-Tone, Zoom, Auto, A-scope, Background colors: 64, 16, 8 colors

Depth ranges

Max 800 Meter/ Fathom/ Italian Fathom
Max 2800 Feet

Output power

600 W

Output frequency

Dual 50/200 kHz


208(H) x 182(W) x 130(D) mm


1.3 kg

Power supply

10.8~31.2 VDC