EXPLORER NavPro Charting System Control Unit

The EXPLORER NavPro turns almost any "off the shelf" PC monitor into a full-featured C-MAP electronic charting system. Couple this unique product to an existing onboard monitor or flat panel display for a very convenient two-piece charting system with unlimited mounting possibilities.

  • Compact controller unit connects to most standard LCD monitors with HDMI input.
  • Straightforward logic and soft key operating system offers uncanny ease of operation.
  • Waterproof trackpad provides smooth cursor transitions to plot, scroll, pan and make menu selections.
  • Compatible with the new C-MAP MAX charts, technically the most innovative C-MAP charts ever designed.
  • Uses C-MAP MAX Micro SD cards for high detailed chart coverage
  • A unique programmable anti-grounding feature using—Guardian™ Grounding Alarm* —provides alarms if your current course takes you within danger of shoals, obstacles or other areas where the water is too shallow for your vessel's draft. This feature helps provide an added level of security for all boaters.
  • Available with or without GPS/WAAS sensor and with external GPS/Loran receiver for True Loran Positioning as model Explorer PlusL.
  • Perfect for use with the optional SI-TEX GPS-20 model sensor. Position displayed when connected to GPS.
  • Expands to an all-in-one GPS Charting System/Fishfinder with optional ES502 Fishfinder Module
  • Displays tidal data and port service information for selective areas worldwide from local C-Card.
  • 4GB of Mark, Track, and Waypoint Storage, provides almost unlimited storage capability.
  • Control unit can be mounted up to 6 feet away from display unit, multiplying the mounting options on any vessel.
  • In addition to charting information, EXPLORER NavPro numerically indicates speed, course, distance, arrival time, STG, temp and depth when interfaced with proper sensors.
  • Charting is displayed in North-up or Course-up modes with GPS input.
  • Controller unit is designed to be either tabletop, bulkhead or flush mounted.
  • Special trunion bracket and mounting knobs are provided for easy installation and removal.
  • NMEA-2000, and NMEA-0183 data ports for interfacing with other onboard electronics.
  • Optional memory cards provide unlimited track and waypoint storage capability.
  • Turns any "off-the-shelf" HDMI Flat Panel Monitor into full function Electronic Charting System.
  • Available with or without 50 Ch. GPS/WAAS receiver.

The NavPro 900 and 1200 MFDs offer optional high-resolution WI-FI radar that makes it easy to install and rig SI-TEX’s 4kW, 24-inch compact radome on just about any vessel. By mounting and wirelessly syncing the SI-TEX MDS-12 Network Radome to a NavPro unit, boaters can turn these popular and affordable MFDs into powerful 36-nm range radars that deliver excellent target resolution and a range of features boaters expect from professional-grade SI-TEX radars.   Overlaying  radar targets onto the feature-rich Polaris Charts provides navigators with enhanced situational awareness and safety, even in the most challenging conditions.

In addition to the included Polaris Charts, SI-TEX’s NavPro Series is also compatible with optional Navionics Platinum+ cartography. 

To learn more, call SI-TEX Marine Electronics at (631) 996-2690 or visit www.si-tex.com.