Sailboat Drive for SI-TEX Autopilots

It's now possible for owners of sailboats with limited installation space to enjoy the full performance, reliability and features of SI-TEX autopilots. Works with SI-TEX’s SP-70/SP-80, SP-36 and new SP-110 Virtual Feedback autopilots.


  • Designed for use on light displacement cruising and racing sailboats up to 38 feet and maximum 15,400 pounds
  • Meant for vessels steered by mechanical cable or tiller
  • Includes drive unit body, steering cable and linear attachment kit
  • Very responsive with little feedback resistance in Standby pilot mode
  • Features 12-inches of maximum stroke, 400 pounds of peak thrust and 333ft./lbs. of maximum rudder torque
  • Hard over time of 12 to 15 seconds