T-2000 Series

T-2000 Series | Professional Dual Range Radar 10.4" Color TFT LCD Display

With advanced radar features, up to 12kW power and a large display, this professional dual-range radar is ideal for commercial and larger recreational vessels.

T-2041 4kW 25" Radome 36 mile
T-2040-3 4kW 3.5' Open Array 48 mile
T-2040-4 4kW 4.5' Open Array 48 mile
T-2060-4 6kW 4.5' Open Array 72 mile
T-2060-6 6kW 6' Open Array 72 mile
T-2010-4 12kW 4.5' Open Array 72 mile
T-2010-6 12kW 6' Open Array 72 mile

  • Dual-Speed antenna with 48-rpm capability for high speed/river operations
  • Split-screen display of long- and short-range targets simultaneously
  • True-Trail Function identifies moving targets
  • Features include Interference Rejection, Target Expansion, Parallel Index, True/Relative Bearing
  • Standard AIS Interface module capable of tracking 200 targets*****
  • Optional 50-target Automatic Tracking Aid (ATA).