GPS-95CP Color 4" LCD GPS/WAAS Chartplotter

New SI-TEX GPS-95CP Chartplotter features ultra-fast processor, GPS/WAAS receiver, and color daylight viewable display.


  • 4.3" color TFT LCD high-resolution display for optimum viewing under direct sunlight.
  • Features new ultra-fast processor to give you instant screen changes.
  • GPS/WAAS 16-channel receiver will put your boat within 3 meters of your waypoint in most situations. Offered with external (GPS-95CP) or internal (GPS-95CPi) antenna.
  • Compatible with the new C-MAP MAX charts.
  • Stores 2000 waypoints, 100 routes and 50,000 track points.
  • North-up, True-motion, Course-up and Heads-up modes.
  • Built-in worldwide background chart.
  • Arrival, Anchor, Off course and Interval timer alarms.
  • Selectable languages including English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Thai, Taiwanese, and more.
  • Pointing device controls on-screen cursor to plot, scroll, pan, and zoom from vast sea areas to harbor charts.
  • Softkeys and comprehensive on-screen menu for easy access to all system features.
  • GOTO, MOB functions and selectable languages.
  • Unlimited storage of track and route data on optional XD cards.
  • Overlays AIS target data on marine charts with optional AIS receiver for assisting in traffic monitoring and collision prevention.
  • NMEA-0183 data port for interfacing data with other on-board electronics.
  • Weatherproof construction.


GPS95CP - $150
GPS95CPMKII - $200
GPS95CPI - $125