SP-38 Commercial Autopilot System



The new SI-TEX SP-38 is a feature-packed professional autopilot ideal for a wide range of powerboats and commercial vessels up to about 150’ LOA.  


SI-TEX’s Intelligent Steering Technology (IST) learns vessel characteristics over time and fine-tunes itself for optimum performance.   The SP-38 offers pre-defined operational parameter sets for full- or semi-displacement hulls, sterndrives and sailboats.  It also offers a special Work Mode designed for commercial fishing boats, towboats and workboats.    Proportional Rate Control (PRC) provides gentle and smooth steering response. 


Other professional features include Nav Mode for adaptive and precise track steering and Automatic Leeway Compensation (ALC) that adjusts for the effects of drift, tide and wind.  An optional bow-thruster interface is available for precision drift fishing and hands free station keeping.

Additional Features:

  • 9 level backlit LCD display
  • LCD Display switches to Red Night Palette to protect Operators night vision
  • Pre-defined parameter sets for full or semi-displacement, planning hulls, stern drives and sailboat applications
  • Multiple steering parameters for Fast cruise, Slow cruise and Work mode Simple to use course knob with mechanical detent
  • Multi-station capability with security station lock
  • Automatic trim • Adjustable yaw, turn rate and rudder settings
  • PORT and STBD dodge buttons for collision avoidance
  • Selection of remote-control units available, connect via the N2K Network
  • Selection of Hi-Performance GPS Sat Compass units available
  • Output for optional analog rudder angle indicator, up to 4 stations
  • Fully compatible with onboard NMEA N2K devices and most steering systems
  • Covered by SI-TEX 2-year warranty • Basic core pack starts at $2,699.00 MSRP 


  • Operating Voltage: 10 to 30 VDC
  • Power Consumption: Average 0.5 Amps, 3 Amps Peak (Lower consumption capability with low backlight setting) Drive Output: 20 Amps
  • Network: NMEA 2000 & Ethernet
  • Navigational Interface: NMEA 0183 & NMEA2000 input/Output • NMEA 0183 Output: Heading (10x per sec), Autopilot Status (1x per sec)
  • Heading Reference: Fluxgate, Magnetic Compass, NMEA Compass or Sat Compass
  • Course Resolution: 1°
  • Course Detection: 0.5°